Akashic~His Past Life with Einstien

Recently in one of my Akashic Group events I had 3 new people who I have never met and they never have heard or met me before today. These are the best because we have no history and it allows information to come through freely and in a nonjudgmental way. I open the group and … Continue reading Akashic~His Past Life with Einstien

Are Breakdowns a Breakthrough?

What if our breakdowns are breakthrough opportunities? I have read that the shamans see a breakdown as an opportunity to open up and to awaken to our gifts and our true self. I was discussing this with a client one day and later as I reflected on it I realized I have had several breakdowns … Continue reading Are Breakdowns a Breakthrough?

A Past Life in Durango

Recently I was blessed to offer a young man an Akashic Soul Record Reading. This reading and healing session brought in loved ones with many messages and some where pretty point blank and a little blunt. I didn't know or did I ask what his topic was we just opened his records and asked his question … Continue reading A Past Life in Durango