Pamela Jackson accepts clients by phone or skype. Distant energy healing, activation and downloads are very powerful and can help you as much or more than an in person session.

Intuitive Readings & Healing  Pam has studied and trained in remote viewing for more than 30 years. She offers sessions where she can offer you assistance in your personal space whether it is you, your home or your emotional body that needs help in clearing our negative emotions, beliefs or patterns. She loves working in this level of the consciousness and exploring the unknown. Contact her to schedule your private appointment to discover what it feels like to work with a medical intuitive.

Akashic Reading and Angels Guidance  Pam has knowN and worked with her angels all of her life. She has always remember some of her past lives and even knew things that others did not. She has studied the Akashic Records for many years and offers readings and classes the Akashic Records. Schedule you reading today!

Thetahealing® Pam is a certified Thetahealer Instructor and an Intuitive Anatomy Practitioner. Thetahealing is an amazing healing modality that centers around being able to achieve a theta brain wave through a guided meditation and prayer. She will intuitively review your spirit and soul body specializing in trauma release in your DNA, genetics and history time line while resolving any past life and karmic residue. Schedule your Thetahealing Reading and Healing session today!

Reiki Energy Master Teacher  Pam has known she had the gift of healing hands since she was a child. Her mother would call upon her often to help her. Her lineage is Teate Usui Reiki, among others. She believes all attunements are powerful if and when you accept them, honor the process and notice what you notice. Pam is also a sound healer and will often combine this with her reiki sessions. Sound is very healing and very powerful. Pam offers 30, 60 & 90 minute reiki no-touch energy session.

EFT Master Specialist  Pam has used and practiced EFT for more than 16 years and finds it one of the most amazing tools to learn and use to create change in behaviors and change patterns and programs. She has studied all of the teachers and trainers and has created her own technique using EFT and Emo-trance. Contact Pam to schedule your first 60 or 90 minute skype or phone session.

Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Life Coach and Spirit Guide Coach  Pam has studied many programs of coaching and offers a wide variety and techniques in her coaching programs. She is also a certified hypnotist with more than 16 years experience and applies her techniques in her sessions with her clients.  Pam’s specialty is your emotional body and she can help you find and discover emotional peace and freedom. Contact her today to get started on your freedom from emotional burdens.