Visualization is a natural ability!

Did you know that all manifesting, energy healing modalities and spiritual practices rely on visualization? Did you know that most people have problem visualizing and many believe they cannot visualize at all? Believe it or not, visualization is a natural ability that everyone can do perfectly, immediately with the right training. When I started down … Continue reading Visualization is a natural ability!

Discovering our virtues through the patterns in our lives.

To change a pattern is to discover the virtues you are gaining and learning from these experiences. It is very clear to me I have been gaining the virtues of "Altruism" and "Benevolence" and even more so since the very beginning of 2017; now that I understand that and I am clear on this pattern … Continue reading Discovering our virtues through the patterns in our lives.

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I have taken several months off and I think I feel like sharing again. I really enjoyed looking back on my visions and predictions section.  Yes I took some serious time off. Seeing and viewing future events can be very interesting even when we don’t want to see what we are seeing. I have had … Continue reading Back to Blogging