The Galactic Records

Intention sets things in motion.


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I have taken several months off and I think I feel like sharing again. I really enjoyed looking back on my visions and predictions section.  Yes I took some serious time off. Seeing and viewing future events can be very interesting even when we don’t want to see what we are seeing. I have had … Continue reading Back to Blogging

The Laws of the Universe

The Universal Laws have began to reveal themselves to me! It seems I am ready to embark on the next journey, the journey of universal laws. I remember several weeks ago, in my conversation with the creator of all that is, that I was ready to learn the laws of the universe and today I … Continue reading The Laws of the Universe

Love is the key

In my last course of study I learned and realized that if we talk to our bodies and organs that they will respond and heal. Many of us haven't heard of doing this or why we would want to do this. When I began my Intuitive Anatomy course I had no idea the depth of … Continue reading Love is the key