Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing describes in essence a group of processes that has been practiced throughout the millennia, and throughout every civilization in the world, which entails for a shaman to travel in non-ordinary realms (quantum realms, other worlds, dreamtime etc.) and there, to make changes, learn about the nature of the problem and to bring back … Continue reading Shamanic Healing

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I have taken several months off and I think I feel like sharing again. I really enjoyed looking back on my visions and predictions section.  Yes I took some serious time off. Seeing and viewing future events can be very interesting even when we don’t want to see what we are seeing. I have had … Continue reading Back to Blogging

The Laws of the Universe

The Universal Laws have began to reveal themselves to me! It seems I am ready to embark on the next journey, the journey of universal laws. I remember several weeks ago, in my conversation with the creator of all that is, that I was ready to learn the laws of the universe and today I … Continue reading The Laws of the Universe